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18 January, 2021

Throughout the year Mattsons will celebrate 170 years as a family owned business.  The anniversary will be honoured by monthly introductions and presentations of events, historic, as well as current and future that are related to Mattsons and the philosophies that guides us.  We would like to start this series of announcements by highlighting the recent award received by our partner hotel in Palma Mallorca, Can Bordoy House & Garden.

A great reason  to add to the celebrations for the month of January is the news of the award given to the five star Palma, Mallorca hotel Can Bordoy House & Garden. A house of elegance with Mattsons Beds in all of their rooms, the hotel has been honoured with the title”Europes leading All-suit Hotel”. The below link gives you access to more information on the award and the very stylish hotel.

Congratulations to Mikael Hall and everybody at the Can Bordoy House & Garden!

Craft     Elegance     Tradition     Comfort

With these four words guiding our every step, Mattsons Beds are looking forward to 2021 being an in every way spectacular year. With showrooms opening across the planet, we know that we will have many great and inspirational experiences over the next twelve months.

Welcome to Mattsons Beds, the world’s oldest manufacturer of 100% hand built, all natural beds, the year has got off to an inspirational and creative start.

Like No Other Since 1851.

Thank you for together with us making it all possible


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