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Mattsons Beds

When started in 1851 it is unlikely that the initial vision for the family business that today design and build some of the finest beds and mattresses available included what is now unfolding for the Mattsons company. With 167 years of history and to date with only modest, mostly local distribution – mainly so in Scandinavia in addition to building and delivering custom orders to clients around the world – Mattsons are now in the inspiring process of introducing the brand globally. An effort that has been met with great appreciation confirming our vision that quality, tradition and the values that a family owned company in its 5th generation represent is something quite rare.

With a desire to remain a boutique style brand with close, personal partnerships Mattsons will continue to distribute our beds and mattresses exclusively through a limited number of certified retail stores. To make certain that our quality of service, and the quality of our products, remain at the level where it has been for the past 167 years is our highest priority.

Welcome to Mattsons Beds


In 1984 the Mattsons headquarters was moved to the small seaside town Falkenberg on the Swedish west coast. Since then all manufacturing takes place just minutes away from the open blue sea, an element representative of the company’s no-restrictions vision that today serves as inspiration in the same way that the deep, green Pine forests of Småland did when the company was first started.

In addition to the inspiring blue waves, the same precise attention to detail and quality that has been our focus since 1851 is still today a key contributor to the fact that all of our beds are 100% handmade in Sweden. Of course, this is something that we are very proud of, as well as another unique aspect of Mattsons Beds.

Conscious Quality

The materials of a Mattsons are of the highest quality and as often as possible locally sourced. To have a clear view of the whole process, from sourcing to the manufacturing process to distribution is an important part of what we represent and the reason to why we are able to stand by our products with such pride.

With everything we do we take the environment into account. All the way from the forest to the final step of delivering our beds into your bedroom. Our SVANEN certification has consistently recognised our beds to be of the very highest quality and stand for environmental preserving and sustainable consumption.

Mattson Beds – Your local and conscious bed manufacturer since 1924.


When building beds, as with life in general, there are no shortcuts. In order for our craftsmen to build the best beds possible they need to work with the very best materials. From our century and a half of furniture manufacturing, and with nearly one hundred years of that time with the bedroom in focus, we have time and time again come to the see that the original philosophy of Mattsons holds true and will never be out-dated. For this reason we only use local Swedish materials for our craft and every Mattsons bed is handmade right here in Sweden. No exceptions. No shortcuts. Just a steady focus on delivering genuine, long lasting quality. Every time.

Tradition Innovation Quality

Three words that set the tone for everything we do at Mattsons. In a world saturated by companies and products something truly needs to be different for a brand to be, and to remain, relevant. Mattsons has chosen to inject a new kind of energy into what might traditionally be seen as the sleepiest room of the world of home interior, the bedroom. With a combination of old world traditional Swedish craftsmanship and contemporary innovative design and use of materials, we have elevated the bed to the position of being a decorative object to talk about, just as what would be the case with a new sofa or a table.

To be as inspired by your new bed, its design and comfort, as you are by other items in your home, that is the target with every bed we design and build at Mattsons. That is what drives our creativity and constant search for perfection, both with regard to design, quality and of course, comfort.

All put together, a bed allowing you to leave your bedroom door opened.


Genuine Creativity
100% Handmade in Sweden
Timeless - Artisan - Detail

The vision behind the bespoke studio is for us to be able to cater to all requests and help our clients to find the exact right look through a vast amount of fabric choices, shapes, legs, stitching options and headboards, to mention a few of the many inspiring bespoke elements available.

The result? The perfect bed. Both when it comes to design, look and feel. Bespoke.


“The bed is among the most important furniture in any home. Studies from leading universities around the world, from the University of Stockholm to UCLA, point to the fact that at least 33% of the population suffers from poor to really bad sleeping habits. In a world full of stress, awkward and poor working conditions and too much of a static way of life in general, there are of course many potential reasons for poor sleeping habits, but a great bed will at least improve the chance of waking up fully rested in the morning. Why not make a change for the better?“

Tomas Mattson – Owner, 5th generation