Mattsons Beds – high quality beds, handmade in Sweden


The Mattsons Beds collection

The Mattsons Beds collection, created around five combinations of base, mattress and top mattress with four optional headboards and several inspiring leg designs to complete the look of your bed. All of the beds of the collection are available to be delivered within weeks, with each bed built to order, just for you. Each season we will introduce new colours that will form the colour palette of the collection. From one season to the next, some of the colours will be kept to become a part of the base collection, while some will be replaced with new selections. All with the intention to keep inspiring, to keep giving you, our client the very best options for your bed.

We are working with two main designs; the northern European, and maybe in particular Scandinavian, frame style bed. A contemporary, practical design with the base and mattress built as one part and with your choice of top mattress to fine-tune the surface comfort to meet your preference. The second, and the globally most common style, is the Continental bed consisting of the bed base (divan in the U.K.), mattress and top mattress.


– Designed for ultimate comfort, a bed that some feel to be the most exclusive of the beds in the Mattsons collection. Built on a base of Swedish slow growing Pine, with both Bonnel and Pocket springs, together with layers of cotton and wool, the Pure bed has a responsive, steady support. The main mattress features two separate sets of pocket springs that, together with more layers of cotton, wool, flax and horse hair, create a feeling of deep support and comfort giving this bed its distinct feel of elegance. The wooden label is used exclusively for the Mattsons Pure. Craft.


– The second of the three Continental beds of the Mattsons collection. Built with a slightly different layering of filling materials compared to the Pure, but just like the Pure, the Soul bed has two pocket spring systems in the main mattress. This bed presents the option of a slightly lower profile, a distinct look, still with an exceptional level of support. As the name indicates, this is a bed that delivers a great feeling. Soft and comforting, perfectly supportive from its structure and layering of the upholstery materials, Soul is a Mattsons in every way. Here pictured with the Mattsons Button Headboard. Elegance.


– The only bed of the collection that offers the option of natural Caoutchouc as the core filling material of the main mattress. For those of our clients who for any reason desire something different with regard to the main filling materials and the overall feel of their bed. The third of the collections Continental style beds, an alternative allowing for choice while still keeping it all natural and in line with the history of the family company. Tradition.


– The first and most exclusive of the two frame style beds of the Mattsons collection. The 1851 delivers a deep feeling of comfort and support in a truly contemporary design. The floating sensation of comfort that is the 1851 is created in part due to the stacking of the spring systems at the bottom of the base. Just as with our Continental style beds, layers of cotton, wool, flax and horse hair are used to make sure the feeling of comfort is exceptional. Design. Options. Comfort.


Our second Scandinavian frame style bed. As the name suggests, the Mattsons Light is a slim, low silhouette design. A great entry level bed and a Mattsons in every way. Like the Strand, the Light features pocket springs with layers of cotton, wool, flax and horse hair to assure a great feeling of comfort. Choose from the Mattsons Tagel or our Natural Caoutchouc top mattress to create the feeling just right for you. Here presented with the Mattsons Straight headboard.


All of the beds in the collection are available in all standard European and US sizes with three different top mattresses to choose from, as well as a great selection of legs and headboards. Mattson Beds – Like no other.