Mattsons Beds Announces New Partnership with Oever Wonen to Enhance Presence in the Benelux Market

May 7, 2024

[Falkenberg, Sweden] – Mattsons Beds, a leader in the premium bedding industry, is excited to announce its latest partnership with Oever Wonen, a distinguished retailer known for offering the finest beds and mattresses in the Netherlands. This strategic collaboration is set to significantly boost Mattsons Beds' brand image and presence within the Benelux market, marking a pivotal step in the company's expansion efforts.

Oever Wonen, with its rich history and commitment to quality, aligns perfectly with Mattsons Beds' mission to deliver superior sleep experiences. The partnership will see Oever Wonen playing a crucial role in growing Mattsons Beds' footprint in the region, offering a broad array of the Mattsons Beds collection in their showroom. Customers will have the opportunity to choose from a vast range of fabric colors and firmness options to find the perfect mattress for their body and spine.

The professionals at Oever Wonen, experts in beds and mattresses, are eager to assist customers in selecting the ideal Mattsons product. "We are curious about your wishes and welcome any questions you may have. We approach the assignments entrusted to us with attention and passion, and we're excited to introduce our customers to the extensive possibilities that Mattsons Beds offer. You're always welcome at our showroom, where we're more than happy to assist you," says a spokesperson from Oever Wonen.

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This partnership not only signifies the joining of two companies with a shared dedication to quality and service but also represents a significant step forward in making premium sleep experiences more accessible to customers across the Benelux region.