Et globalt brand

May 7, 2024


At Mattsons Beds the focus has mainly been on designing and building bespoke beds for high end hotels and for private yachts in combination with selling our all natural, handmade beds through two company owned showrooms. This has for many years been how we have worked and until quite recently we felt this to be enough.  However, with an increasing awareness of the comfort and high quality standard of our all natural, hand made beds and from that the increasing demand for our beds, we decided to make it easier for everybody who wanted to own their own Mattsons.

With demand for the beds starting to come in from different parts of the world over the past two to three years, we revised our distribution plans and took the decision to widen our network through exclusive partnerships with select home interior and bed boutiques around the world.  As we believe that a Mattsons should be experienced in the right way; with the guidance of a by Mattsons educated and trained expert, our intention is to have only a select few number of partners in each market. With a platform of only the best, we have started the transformation from a bespoke only bedding company with roots reaching back all the way to 1851, to becoming a brand showing our products in a broader manner.

We are looking forward to “challenge” the established premier bedding brands of the world with the very  comfortable, high quality, 100% natural handmade beds of Mattsons. Beds that despite the high comfort and quality levels still are, and will continue to be, sold at an honest, non inflated, price. True value, true comfort. Mattsons Beds – Like No Other Since 1851.


The first Mattsons Beds location outside of the brand’s native Europe. After hosting a delegation from Seoul’s Design Ventures, an exclusive partnership was formed and this past summer, despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, the doors opened to the spectacular showroom in the Gangnam-gu section of Seoul. Due to the current circumstances we have unfortunately not yet been able to visit the Seoul, but we are nonetheless very proud of the exceptionally well designed and put together showroom and very thankful for our partnership with Design Ventures. We are all looking forward to visit just as soon as it will be possible for us to do so.

The reason for the slightly delayed announcement of the opening of the Seoul showroom is, in part, the pandemic and the to date only partial opening hours of the Seoul showroom, but also the fact that we are now getting ready to open additional showrooms around the world.

More to follow on this first, international phase of the expansion of the Mattsons Beds retail distribution.