Bespoke Atelier

Bespoke atelier

Our vision is for the client to a great extent be able to determine the look and style that best suits their home, their personality. From eccentric cool to classic elegance, it’s your choice. The bed becomes an expression, a statement that allows you to leave the bedroom door opened. To meet and exceed our clients visions and expectations with every bed delivered is and always has been our goal.

in Sweden

In 1984 the Mattsons headquarters was moved to the small seaside town Falkenberg on the Swedish west coast. Since then, all manufacturing takes place just minutes away from the open blue sea, an element representative of the company’s no-restrictions vision that today serves as inspiration in the same way that the deep, green pine forests of Småland did when the company was first started.

In addition to the inspiring blue waves, the same precise attention to detail and quality that has been our focus since 1851 is still today a key contributor to the fact that all of our beds are 100% handmade in Sweden. No outsourcing. No looking for short cuts or more “economically suitable” ways to produce our beds. Of course, this is something that we are very proud of and another truly unique aspect of Mattsons Beds.


The materials of a Mattsons are always of the very highest quality and, as often as possible, locally sourced. To have a clear view of the whole process, from sourcing to the manufacturing to distribution is an important part of what we represent and the reason to why we are able to stand by our products with such pride.

With everything we do we take the environment into account. All the way from the forest to the final step of delivering our beds into your bedroom. Our SVANEN certification has consistently recognised our beds to be of the very highest quality and stand for environmental preserving and sustainable consumption.

Mattsons Beds – Your ethically conscious bed manufacturer.  Like no other – Since 1851.


When building beds, as with life in general, there are no shortcuts. In order for our craftsmen to build the best beds possible they need to work with the very best materials. From our almost two centuries of furniture manufacturing, and with one hundred years  with “the bedroom in focus”, we have time and time again come to see that the original philosophy of Mattsons holds true and will never be out-dated.

For this reason we only use the finest natural materials for our craft and every Mattsons bed is handmade right here in Falkenberg, Sweden. No exceptions. No shortcuts. Just a steady focus on delivering genuine, long lasting quality. Every time.


Three words that set the tone for everything we do at Mattsons. In a world saturated by companies and products, something truly needs to be different for a brand to be, and to remain, relevant.

Mattsons has chosen to inject a new kind of energy into what might traditionally be seen as the sleepiest room of the world of home interior, the bedroom. With a combination of old world traditional Swedish craftsmanship and contemporary innovative design and use of materials, we have elevated the bed to the position of being a decorative object to talk about just as what would be the case with a new sofa or a table.

Bespoke Atelier

The vision behind the bespoke atelier is for us to be able to cater to all requests and help our clients to find the exact right look through a vast amount of fabric choices, shapes, legs, stitching options and headboards, just to mention a few of the many inspiring bespoke elements available. The result? The perfect bed. Both when it comes to design, look and feel. Bespoke. Your way.

"At Mattsons, the vision is for the customer to a great extent be able to determine the look and style that best suits their home, their personality. From eccentric cool to classic elegance. Your choice. After all, it is your bedroom."

Anders Mattson – Owner, 5th generation

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