doing it the mattsons way

doing it the mattsons way

When started in 1851 it is unlikely that the initial vision for the family business that today design and build some of the finest beds and mattresses available included what is now unfolding for the Mattsons company.
With almost two centuries of history and mostly local distribution – mainly so in Scandinavia in addition to building and delivering custom orders to hotels, yachts and private homes around the world – Mattsons are now in the inspiring process of introducing the brand globally.

The values we live by

Our mission at Mattsons is to meet and exceed our clients expectations with every bed we deliver and to make the bed a statement that allows you to leave the bedroom door opened.

Today,  Tomas Anders and Oscar Mattson represent the fifth and sixth generation of family bedmakers, and take personal responsibility for every single bed leaving Sweden's west coast and going out into the world. We know a better sleep is possible, and we spend all of our waking time tweaking the smallest details to make that happen. Made entirely in our cold, harsh and stunningly beautiful country, we’re very proud to be able to offer you the most refined, sophisticated and blissful beds that exist today. One stitch at a time. 


With a company history of nearly two centuries, it is quite natural that we value tradition and all that it brings. From one generation to the next the skills and vision for creating the very best has been passed down.


Every item that comes out of the Mattsons workshop is the result of craftsman methods passed down through generations.


To create elegance is another key objective and usually something less common in the bedding industry, no matter the price tag. For us at Mattsons it is as natural as our beds.


Though comfort in many ways can be seen subjective, there are certain key points for understanding the true meaning of the word. We’d love to share our thoughts on the subject with you.


The family business was started in 1851 with Isak Mattson setting up a sawmill on the family estate, Österkvarn, in Malmbäck Småland, an area of Sweden that has been associated with fine furniture making for centuries.

Soon thereafter, his son Karl starts to show interest in the business and gets more and more involved. The demand for great quality wood is strong in the area and the company grows quickly as Isak Mattson expands his business and continuously hires more skilled labourers.


Karl Mattson takes over the family business and sees the opportunity for further expansion. He opens a second sawmill nearby Ramkvilla while he himself resides at Höreda Mellangård. The new plant is a state of the art set up powered by the family’s own water “power plant”. With the new technology used at the mill, the capacity of producing the finest quality wood possible was dramatically increased and so was the family’s involvement with the many furniture manufacturers of the region.


Karl Mattsons son, Frans, representing the third generation takes over the family business.  Frans had a vision of great things to come and started to invest in forest covered land around the Småland region, something that would turn out to be a wise move when the company in addition to the production of high quality wood in a more serious way got involved with furniture production, an industry that at the time was steadily growing in Småland.


Mattsons were at this time exporting fine wood to furniture makers in Sweden, Denmark and to many other northern European countries.  The family company was known for their quality and vision.  Frans noted that the production of quality wood and furniture making was a very useful combination. At this time he decided to expand further and set up a business fully focused on furniture making; a new company was started in Malmbäck, Småland.


As a part of the furniture manufacturing, building beds and mattresses quickly become a big part of the family business and in 1924 Frans opened the Mattsons Madrassfabrik. From this point on the manufacturing of high quality beds and mattresses existed under its own flag and quickly gained a reputation for delivering the finest and most comfortable beds and mattresses in Sweden.


Torsten and Birgitta Mattson, representing the fourth generation of the family business, are working with the focus on refining the bed and mattress part of the business by constantly searching for better filling materials and ways of making the mattresses.

Always with quality and comfort in focus and all along with the aim to become the manufacturer of the best quality beds and mattresses in the world supplying fine hotels and elegant yachts with Mattsons comfort in addition to the regular retail sales.


The decision is made to relocate to the small Swedish West coast town of Falkenberg where they build a new factory. The geographical position of the seaside town, with easy access to many nearby harbours, motorways and railroads presented a clear advantage for the vision of expanding the business.

The two sons, Tomas and Anders Mattson, representing the family’s fifth generation have been getting increasingly involved in the business and together they take over the management of the family business in 1984.


The vision to further refine the products and to introduce the brand globally through select retail partners is born. Since Mattsons for many years has mainly produced custom beds and mattresses for private homes, hotels and yachts around the world, the new step feels like a natural progression and the process begins.

"At Mattsons, the vision is for the customer to a great extent be able to determine the look and style that best suits their home, their personality. From eccentric cool to classic elegance. Your choice. After all, it is your bedroom."

Anders Mattson – Owner, 5th generation

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