Handmade Beds

Handmade Beds

The collection, created around eight combinations of top mattress, mattress, base and upholstery completed by four different headboards, all available in the selected colours of the season. Each season will see the introduction of new colours forming the palette of the collection. Some will become a part of the collections base and be available for several seasons, while others will be seasonal selections.

The Collection

Created around eight main combinations of base, mattress, top mattress, with a wide selection of colors and in addition, four headboard designs for a complete experience of choice.
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BLK VLVT - An expression of absolute elegance, an experience of luxury free of compromises, design, materials, production time; all in, only the best (click for more info).

ELEGANCE - Built on a base of Swedish slow growing pine and has a responsive, steady support system for a soft deep sleep (click for more info).

PURE - Designed for ultimate comfort, a bed that some feel to be the most exclusive of the beds in our collection. Also available as Pure ST (click for more info).

SOULFUL - Features a slightly lower profile for a more contemporary look, without compromising the great feeling of support and comfort that a Mattsons delivers. Also available as Soulful ST (click for more info).

RISE - The fourth continental beds of the Mattsons collection is built with a slightly philosophy, choice filling materials and layering of these compared to the other Continental beds of the collection (click for more info).

LYCKA - As a testament to our commitment to your well-being, Lycka seamlessly blends innovation, tradition, and sustainability. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail (click for more info).

STRAND - The most exclusive frame style bed in the Mattsons collection. It delivers a deep feeling of comfort and support in a truly contemporary design (click for more info).

LIGHT - A great entry level bed and a Mattsons in every way. With its low and slim silhouette it offers a minimal yet beautiful design (click for more info).

Top Mattress

TAGEL TRADITION - Layers of pure cotton and wool surrounds the horsehair pad. A high quality cotton, linen mix fabric encloses the comfort created, with contrast color cotton tufts keeping the filling materials in place.

TAGEL KUVERT - Made in the same way as the Tradition with the one difference being the cotton stretch fabric used to make the top mattress even more pliant. For a more luxurious look.

TAGEL STRETCH - Made in the same way as the Tradition with the one difference being the cotton stretch fabric used to make the top mattress even more pliant. For a little extra surface softness from your bed.


DUNES - An elegant design with its recessed reading lights easily accessible, the complete, minimalist headboard.

STUDS - As all of the Mattsons headboards, Studs is available in a number of different fabrics and colours. The rows of studs can be selected in different finishes such as silver, bronze, copper and black.

BUTTONED - A classic look with a modern take makes this headboard truly relevant. Make the look your own by selecting fro a number of different options for the finish of the buttons. Contrast, colour/colour or a metal finish, the choice is yours.

STRAIGHT - A Mattsons classic and as Scandi Noir minimalist as you can get. Choose between a wide selection of fabrics and colours to create your very own take on the Straight headboard.


FLUTE - An elegant yet simplistic design inspired by the classic Champagne flute. A slight curve available in Silver, Bronze & Black.

CHROME 90 - The design is straight to the point, slim and non intrusive yet elegant in its expression of style and function.

LEATHER - If you want something a little extra, our leather covered legs can be delivered in a colour of your choice. Either with the leather wrapped around the leg or with edge stitching in a contrast colour or in the same colour as the leather of your choice.

TAPERED OAK - As classic as you can get with a Scandinavian bed; a square, slightly tapered, oak leg. Available in two heights.


DUVET - Complete your Mattsons experience with our hand made down duvets, available in two different weights; Gold and Silver, allowing you to decide the exact feel of your down duvet.

PILLOWS - As with the duvets, the Mattsons down pillows are delivered in two different weights; Gold and Silver, to assure that you get the exact comfort you are looking for from your pillows.

MATTRESS PROTECTOR - Be sure to protect your top mattress from accidental spills with one of our two European top mattress protectors. Choose between the 100% Cotton protector or the Mattsons Tencel option.

"At Mattsons, the vision is for the customer to a great extent be able to determine the look and style that best suits their home, their personality. From eccentric cool to classic elegance. Your choice. After all, it is your bedroom."

Anders Mattson – Owner, 5th generation