About the bed

The fourth continental beds of the Mattsons collection is built with a slightly philosophy, choice filling materials and layering of these compared to the other Continental beds of the collection.

On request
45 cm (base and mattress)
Built In
Falkenberg, Sweden
Continental bed

Experience the serenity of nature combined with age-old craftsmanship in the Mattsons Rise bed, an extraordinary blend of luxury, tradition, and authenticity. As the fifth addition to our continental style beds, the Rise stands as a testament to our commitment to providing alternative options that cater to the unique preferences of our esteemed clientele.

Unmatched Organic Comfort:A distinct feature setting the Rise apart is its exclusive reliance on GOTS organic cotton and New Zealand Tokowool as core filling materials in the mattress. These ethically sourced, high-quality materials provide a gentle, nurturing embrace that soothes and supports your body throughout the night. For those with specific material preferences or sensitivities, the Rise offers a refreshing option without any compromises.

A Sturdy Foundation:Every Rise bed begins with a foundation of the 12cm Swedish slow-grown pine frame, renowned for its durability and resilience. This foundation is carefully protected with a dedicated cotton layer, ensuring prolonged integrity and the utmost care for the underlying pine.

A Walk Through the Rise Experience:


  • A sturdy 12cm frame made of Swedish slow-grown pine, bringing durability and longevity.
  • Luxurious layers of GOTS organic cotton and New Zealand Tokowool offer gentle cushioning and natural comfort.
  • A protective cotton layer shields the pine frame from wear and potential damage.
  • 13cm Swedish tempered pocket springs adjust to your body's contours, providing personalized support and an undisturbed sleep.


  • Plush layers of GOTS organic cotton, New Zealand Tokowool, and flax create a breathable and comfortable sleeping surface.
  • The 13cm Swedish tempered pocket springs ensure even weight distribution and optimal spine alignment.
  • Further layers of GOTS organic cotton and New Zealand Tokowool envelop you, enhancing the plush feel of the mattress.
  • Reinforced corners fortified with coconut coir fiber and flax provide added stability, ensuring the mattress retains its shape over the years.

Personalized Sleeping Experience:We understand that sleep is deeply personal. The bed you choose should align with your unique desires and needs. At Mattsons, we are dedicated to tailoring the Rise bed to your exact preferences. From choosing specific fabric textures to customizing the firmness level, and even selecting unique sizes, your bed is more than just a piece of furniture; it's an extension of your personality. Choose Mattsons Rise and redefine your sleep sanctuary.

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