About the bed

ELEGANCE is built on a base of Swedish slow growing pine and has a responsive, steady support system for a soft deep sleep.

On request
57 cm (base and mattress)
Built In
Falkenberg, Sweden
Continental bed

Introducing the Mattsons Elegance, a bed that is nothing short of a magnum opus. Crafted for those who yearn for unparalleled luxury in sleep, the Elegance takes the concept of restful nights to a new zenith.

The Genesis of the Elegance Story

The Elegance isn't just a bed; it's an expression of passion, an embodiment of master craftsmanship and superior quality. From its exquisite construction to the thoughtfully chosen materials, every facet of this bed is designed with precision, echoing Mattsons’ unwavering commitment to excellence.

An Insightful Journey into the Elegance Bed:

  • Unyielding Foundation: The story begins with a robust 12cm Swedish slow-grown pine frame, laying the foundation for decades of durability. This wood, cherished for its longevity, is the bedrock upon which the Elegance stands.
  • Organic Delicacy: Next, layers of GOTS organic cotton envelop the pine base, offering a gentle touch and eco-friendly assurance. Coupled with this are 13cm tempered Swedish pocket springs, promising a responsive support system.
  • Nature’s Ensemble: Upon this base, lie myriad layers of GOTS organic cotton, the breathable New Zealand Tokowool, resilient flax, and the luxuriously fine-spun horsehair. Together, they create an orchestration of comfort that soothes every inch of your body.

The Elegance Mattress - Where Dreams Meet Reality:

  • Harmony in Layers: The mattress is a symphony of alternating layers. The plushness of GOTS organic cotton, the coolness of New Zealand Tokowool, the strength of flax, and the delicacy of MCC™ horsehair come together, ensuring you drift into a peaceful slumber every night.
  • Precision Spring Mechanism: Two distinct heights of Swedish pocket springs, 9cm active and 13cm regular, ensure that the Elegance mattress adapts to every contour of your body. These springs, combined with the natural layers, provide an unmatched spine support and a sensation of enveloping comfort.
  • Crafted to Perfection: A testament to Mattsons' devotion to craft, the mattress is diligently side-stitched and hand-tufted. Furthermore, the reinforced corners, fortified with flax, coconut coir fiber, and extra firm pocket springs, underscore its longevity and structural integrity.

Personalization at its Best:

We believe that sleep is a personal experience, and your bed should reflect that. At Mattsons, every Elegance bed is tailored to your preferences. Whether it's a specific fabric, firmness level, or size, you have the liberty to craft your perfect bed.

Embrace the Elegance, and let it redefine the essence of luxurious sleep for you.

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