About the bed

ELEGANCE is built on a base of Swedish slow growing pine and has a responsive, steady support system for a soft deep sleep.

On request
57 cm (base)
Built In
Continental bed

The main mattress features two separate heights of pocket spring system combined with layers of cotton, wool and horse hair, creating a feeling of deep and flexible support and comfort. To stabilize the Elegance, the craftsmen of Mattsons hand stitch and tuft the mattress for a more luxury design.

The mattress of the Mattsons Elegance is upholstered with a great amount of natural filling materials, in comparison to the Pure we have put approximately 100% more materials in the Elegance. The difference this makes to the feel must be experienced! To keep all of the additional materials in place, we hand tuft the mattress and add two rows of side stitching for that ultimate comfort the Elegance will give you for many years to come.

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