Mattsons Beds – high quality beds, handmade in Sweden




The family business was started in 1851 with Isak Mattson setting up a sawmill on the family estate, Österkvarn, in Malmbäck Småland, an area of Sweden for centuries associated with fine furniture making. Soon thereafter, his son, Karl started to show interest in the business and gets involved. The demand for great quality wood is strong in the area and the company grows quickly as Isak Mattson continuously hires more skilled laborers.


Karl Mattson takes over the family business and sees the opportunity for expansion. He opens a second sawmill in nearby Ramkvilla while he himself resides at Höreda Mellangård. The new plant is a state of the art set up powered by the family’s own water “power plant”. Through the new technology used at the mill the production capacity of producing the best possible wood possible was dramatically increased and with that so was the family’s involvement in the areas many furniture manufacturers.  At this time the family belief of “each generation improving on what the previous generation had produced, thereby preparing the way for those who will follow” had been confirmed to be both useful and a road to success for generations to come.


Karl Mattsons son, Frans Mattson,  representing the third generation takes over the family business.  Frans had a great vision for the future and started to invest in forest covered land around the Småland region something that would turn out to be a wise move when the company in addition to the production of high quality wood got involved with furniture production an industry that was at that time steadily growing stronger in Småland.


Mattsons were at this time exporting fine wood to furniture makers in Sweden, Denmark and other northern European countries.  The company was known for their quality and vision.  Frans noted that the production of quality wood and furniture making was a very useful combination. At this time he decided to expand and set up a business fully focused on furniture making  A new company was started in Malmbäck, Småland.


As a part of the furniture manufacturing , building beds and mattresses quickly become a big part of the family business and in 1924 Frans opened Mattsons madrassfabrik. From this point on the manufacturing of high quality beds and mattresses existed under its own flag, quickly gaining a reputation of being the producer of the best beds and mattresses in the country.


Torsten and Birgitta Mattson, representing the fourth generation of the family business, have been working with the focus on refining the bed and mattress part of the business by constantly searching for better filling materials and ways of making the mattresses. All along with the aim to become the manufacturer of the best quality beds and mattresses in the world.


The decision is made to relocate to the small Swedish West coast town of Falkenberg where they build a new factory.   Tomas and Anders Mattson, representing the fifth generation, have been getting increasingly involved in the business and together they take over the management of Mattsons family business.  Having been running around the factory since childhood, they are both very familiar with the ins and outs of the family business.

The choice of moving the company to Falkenberg was made for several reasons with its strategic advantages in focus. The seaside town’s geographical position, with easy access to several harbours, motorways and railroads were a clear advantage for expanding the business.  The production of high quality beds and mattresses is the main focus for Mattsons, as well as a constant search for even better materials, methods and presentations, always without compromising the quality that has grown to be Mattsons trademark. Traditional craftsmanship and building furniture and beds by hand, are things that both Anders and Tomas value highly and a key part of what Mattsons represent; the very best quality; the very best quality possible something that has been a motto of the Mattsons family since Isak Mattson started the first sawmill back in 1851.


The vision to further refine the brands products and to introduce the brand globally is born. Since Mattsons for many years has produced beds and mattresses for custom orders in order to add the brands great level of quality and comfort to homes, hotels and yachts around the step feels like a natural one and the process begins.