Mattsons Beds – high quality beds, handmade in Sweden
Mattsons Beds – high quality beds, handmade in Sweden


Every item that comes out of the Mattsons workshop is the result of craftsman methods passed down through generations.


Quality and comfort. Two main objectives for us at Mattsons when designing and building our beds and mattresses. This is likely also the case for other actors in the bedding world. Elegance, however, is something less of a common objective, but for us it is a natural. Elegance.


With a company history of more than 167 years, it is quite natural that we value tradition and all that brings. From one generation to the next the skills and vision for creating the very best has been past down.


Though comfort in many ways can be seen as something that is subjective there are certain keys in understanding the true meaning of the word, comfort. We’d love to share our thoughts on the subject with you.


When started in 1851 it is unlikely that the initial vision for the family business that today design and build some of the finest beds and mattresses available included what is now unfolding for the Mattsons company. With 167 years of history and to date with only modest, mostly local distribution – mainly so in Scandinavia in addition to building and delivering custom orders to clients around the world – Mattsons are now in the inspiring process of introducing the brand globally.

An effort that has been met with great appreciation confirming our vision that quality, tradition and the values that a family owned company in its 5th generation represent is something quite rare.

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Your way Your style

”At Mattsons, the vision is for the customer to be able to a great extent determine the look and style that best suits their home, their personality.
From eccentric cool to classic elegance. Your choice. The bed becomes a statement that allows you to leave the bedroom door opened. Breaking the ”rule”! To meet and exceed our clients expectations with every bed delivered is, and always has been, our goal”

Anders Mattson – Owner, 5th generation