The Timeless Commitment to Natural Materials in Mattsons Beds

May 7, 2024

At Mattsons Beds, our journey in crafting the finest beds and mattresses began over a century and a half ago, rooted in a vision to provide uncompromising comfort and quality to our customers. Since the very beginning, we have held steadfast to the philosophy that the best beds can only be created with the very best materials. This enduring commitment to natural materials has been at the core of our brand's identity.

A Tradition Born in Nature

Our story began in 1851 when the Mattsons family established their first sawmill in the picturesque village of Malmbäck, Småland, in the heart of Sweden. At that time, the vision for our business was not to create beds, but the dedication to local materials and craftsmanship was already deeply ingrained. As we transitioned into the realm of furniture manufacturing, the wood used in our creations continued to be sourced from our very own forests.

Swedish Slow-Grown Pine - The Foundation of Excellence

Our reliance on Swedish slow-grown pine has been a constant throughout our history. These trees, nurtured by the Swedish climate, grow at a slower pace, resulting in wood that is exceptionally robust and of the highest quality. We understand that the foundation of any exceptional bed lies in its frame, and this is why we use this pine exclusively. Each wooden frame in our collection is FSC-certified, reflecting our unwavering commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility.

Natural Fibers for Optimal Comfort

To ensure that every Mattsons bed provides the ideal blend of comfort and support, we turned to nature's finest materials. Wool, sourced from New Zealand, is a miracle of nature, offering insulation, moisture-wicking properties, and breathability. It creates an optimal bed climate for a comfortable night's sleep.

Horsehair, with its unique structure, acts as tiny springs, enhancing our internal spring systems and providing support and pliability. It also possesses exceptional ventilation properties, ensuring you stay cool and dry throughout the night.

Cotton, one of nature's softest and strongest fibers, complements horsehair beautifully. It enables air circulation around your body, ensuring a dry and comfortable sleep.

Flax and Coconut Coir Fiber for Stability

Flax, one of the oldest fiber crops globally, is used in our beds for its softness, luster, and flexibility. It is known for its coolness in hot weather and humidity-absorbing properties, ensuring you remain comfortable year-round.

Coconut coir fiber, derived from the inner husk of coconuts, not only resists dust mites but also provides a straight and firm edge to our mattresses, ensuring their stability.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Our dedication to natural materials is not only about comfort but also about sustainability. We work closely with our partners, such as New Zealand wool farmers, to ensure the materials we use meet specific needs while aligning with future trends and environmental responsibility.

A Legacy of Quality and Craftsmanship

Every Mattsons bed is handmade in Sweden, with no shortcuts taken. Our craftsmen pour their expertise into every detail, ensuring each bed we create is a masterpiece of quality, tradition, and innovation. It's a legacy we've proudly maintained for over 150 years.

In summary, our choice to use natural materials in our beds and mattresses since the very beginning is a testament to our commitment to your well-being. We believe that the finest sleep experience can only be achieved by combining the best craftsmanship with the most exceptional materials nature has to offer.

Thank you for choosing Mattsons Beds, where tradition meets innovation, and where every night is an invitation to a journey of comfort, supported by nature's finest.