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Beets-Patteet in Belgium is a specialized business with over 54 years of experience in providing sleep comfort solutions. They emphasize the uniqueness of each person's sleep and advocate investing in additional comfort for this vital aspect of life​​.

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To be embraced by a hand-tufted bed by Mattsons is like touching cashmere for the first time, after wearing coarse wool against your skin your entire life. Your body will feel weightless, and you'll soon drift off into a dreamlike state of blissful sleep, safely resting on only the finest natural materials.

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Tuesday-Saturday: 10-18

Sunday: 13-18

Spoorwegstraat 2, 3200 Aarschot, Belgium

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"At Mattsons, the vision is for the customer to a great extent be able to determine the look and style that best suits their home, their personality. From eccentric cool to classic elegance. Your choice. After all, it is your bedroom."

Anders Mattson – Owner, 5th generation